Glass Edge Vertical Processing

Edge processing is one of the most important operations within the glass production cycle and is very dependant on accuracy, quality, simplicity and output. The range of Forel vertical processing machines all ensure precision, stability and consistency. There are three models in the range for arrissing, grinding and polishing, milling and drilling all of which can be combined with glass washing.

Vertical Arrising Machine

The Art. EG automatic vertical arrissing (seaming) machine is a highspeed high-capacity module that removes accurately and consistently the sharp edges from the glass piece.

Vertical Edging Machine

The Art. EM edging machine, is the industry leading benchmark for vertical edge processing considered by many as state of the art, Forel has led the way in the development of this module worldwide. Designed for the accurate edge processing of all flat glass types the platform can perform arrissing (seaming), flat edge grinding and polishing. This machine can be used in combination with Art. DM drilling and milling machine to create a simple to use high-capacity fabrication line.

Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine

Enhanced with specific measures to guarantee precision and stability, the Art. DM vertical drilling and milling machine is an outstanding resource for glass processing.
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