Laminating Line

Art. LL

The lamination line Art. LL has been designed and engineered specifically for the laminating of flat glass with PVB interlayers. The line is equipped with a self-diagnostic system that identifies faults with codes, descriptions and images with an additional system that allows remote assistance.


The washing zone features a six brushes washing machine, equipped with a self-learning device for measuring the glass thickness and detecting Low-e glass. An antistatic bar can be equipped to prevent dust contamination.

Transferring area

Equipped with a suction cups system to pick up the glass sheets, with variable arrangements and glass sheets detection sensor.


A multiple PVB reels holder is located in a dedicated mezzanine within the clean room. The positioning station is equipped with an automatic sheet centering system for the perfect alignment of the glass.


The heating and pressing areas are made up of two temperature controlled zones and two sets of pressing rollers. The ovens are equipped with thermo regulated electronic resistors and with an air convection system.


The lamination line is equipped with a tilting table, with a capacity of 1.500 Kg.

PVB Stock

The lamination line can be supplied with an external rotary 8 station PVB stock, with a table and semiautomatic cutter.