Cutting Laminated Glass & Storage Solutions

We can summarize the main philosophy of Forel Vertical Cutting Line for laminated glass in two words: automation and simplicity. In two words, there’s all the power of this solution, which is a unique product in glass processing machinery market. The Line has been developed to offer a smart way to manage the “Jumbo” laminated glass sheet just arrived in the factory, a safe and precise way to seize it following the production program and an easy way to mode them to the next process.

Stock Selector

The automatic stock selector unit Art. ST has been developed for a quick and safe handling of the Jumbo size glass sheets.

Vertical Automatic Loader

The Art. VL automatic glass loader manages large size sheets, up to Jumbo size (6,000 x 3,300 mm)

Vertical Cutting Line for laminated glass

The Vertical Cutting Line for Laminated Glass Art. VC has beem developed to offer automation and simplicity.

Tilting Table

The Art. TT tilting table completes the laminated glass cutting line, ensuring safe handling of glass sheets requiring manual cutting or removal operations.
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