About us

Forel designs, develops, manufactures and patents its solutions in Italy. This high concentration of activities assures the highest level of quality all the steps of the process, from the first drawings to the after sales service are under strict control.

Clarity with Stability just like glass

Forel, established in 1976 by Fortunato Vianello, is specialised in the manufacturing of flat glass and IG processing machinery. The Company has two production factories between Treviso and Venice with 30,000 square meters of floorspace, employing approximately 250 people.

Founded by Fortunato Vianello
Square meters of the two production plants in the areas of Treviso and Venice.
People employing.
Cities where Forel’s officies are present: Treviso (Italy), Minneapolis (MN, USA), Toronto (Canada), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Standsted (Uk).
Commercial local agencies to guarantee its global world presence.
Countries where Forel’s solutions are installed.

The Headquarters

Since 1976 Forel, has been present in Vallio di Roncade producing state of the art equipment designed for the flat glass industry. In 2008 Forel opened its new headquarters, built on the same site continuing and strengthening its long relationship with the local community. Today the production area has more than doubled to keep pace with growth and the demand for Forel products.

A presence worldwide

Forel is committed to supporting major markets around the world and has direct offices in Minneapolis (MN,USA), Toronto (Canada), Stansted (England) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

It also collaborates with 30 distribution partners spread throughout the world to guarantee its global reach and thanks to this international network FOREL machines are installed in over 70 Countries worldwide.

Customer's needs

Forel’s philosophy has always been based on understand specific requirements and develop increasingly performing solutions to process the “glass of tomorrow”.

Investments in R&D

Forel’s attention to the customers make the brand a “supplier of competitiveness”, for its ability to carry out highly innovative projects, anticipating market trends.

Service Department

Forel is capable of providing quick and effective responses to the need for technical assistance, both directly (on site) and remotely (online).

The 5 values of made in Forel

The continuous-growth objective of Forel is pursued in accordance with a series of values, identifiable in a way of being, in a way of behaviour and in the way business relations are carried on.

Put customer
requests first.
Purse sustainable development.
Act with