Sorting System

Art. SS

The Sorting System, is an intelligent logistics solution by Forel, this automated glass pane management system can be integrated into new or existing workflow processes, linking various production areas within the manufacturing process.


The Art. SS Sorting System consists of highly customizable equipment and software. The handling modules comprise of transport shuttles, transfer conveyors and buffer racks which can fit the available workspace and production requirements.


Flexibility is key so regardless of what order the glass pieces present themselves, the sorting system will identify, manage and allocate unique ID codes to ensure that all the associated products related to that item end up together.


Essential to the performance of the sorting system is the ability to identify and track all pieces within its system. Once the system has automatically collated a specific work list, it recalls all the associated items within that list and sends them to the next line in the production process.


The sort system can work fully independently but is often linked to customers production control software. This allows for manual intervention within the system in case a change in the production program is needed. This can be done live and during production by the current order, being placed on hold and the new order started by simply entering it.