Sorting System

Art. SS

The Sorting System, an intelligent logistics solution by Forel, it’s an automated glass pane management system working within the production flow and capable of linking different production departments, creating a ‘buffer stock’ of semi-finished items managed automatically in relation to the production program.


The Art. SS Sorting System consists of highly customizable handling modules and sorting buffers, and its modularity allows it to adapt to the specific needs of the glass factory.


Regardless of the order in which glass sheets reaches the sorting system, the self-acquisition function identifies and attributes a unique ID to each item, associating it to the order it belongs to.


When the system receives the instruction to proceed with a specific work list, it recalls all the items associated with the list and sends them to the next processing line.


In case of a change in program while processing is in progress, the current order may be put on hold and a different order started by simply entering a different order.