Vertical Cutting Line for laminated glass

Art. VC

The vertical cutting line for laminated glass was designed specifically to reduce floor space, maximise output and exploit automation. Equipped with two cutting bridges, the line is capable of processing laminated glass configured up to 8 mm glass + 4.56 mm PVB interlayer + 8 mm glass, with a maximum glass sheet size of 6000mm x 3300mm. The line can be managed by a single operator.

In Vertical

The laminated glass remains vertical throughout the entire process reducing handling, space and time whilst simultaneously improving safety and output.


The line is equipped with two cutting bridges, each capable of processing laminated glass sheets with a thickness of up to 8 mm + 4.56 mm PVB interlayer + 8 mm. The bridge heights can be specified to accommodate a maximum cut length of up to 6000mm.


Each bridge has dual cutting heads working in combination with the associated breaker bars (front and rear), according to the PVB interlayer IR lamps heat the entire length of the cut and a special blade completes the cutting cycle. Both bridges are mounted on pivots which allow them to move automatically, ensuring a 90° perpendicular cut.

Low - E

Both cutting bridges can be specified with a low-e coating remover.

Rotating System

A specially designed rotating arm is situated between both cutting bridges, a patented system that automatically rotates the glass. This movement 90° to the X axis allows either bridge 1 or bridge 2 to cut along the Y axis, Z cuts are also possible utilising the rotating arm.

One operator

The vertical cutting line is a truly impressive production machine and can be operated using third party production control software or via the onboard system software. Depending on the line’s specification, stock control, storage, glass selection, loading and optimised cutting can all be managed by the software. The operator monitors the machines performance whilst offloading cut pieces or replenishing glass stock.