Vertical Arrising Machine

Art. EG

The Art. EG automatic vertical arrising (seaming) machine stood out on the market straight away due to its speed and reliability. Greatly valued by all the world’s glazing factories, this solution removes the sharp corners of the pane and eliminates all the inaccuracies around the edge, so the subsequent processing tasks can be
handled safely. The Art. EG automatic vertical arrissing machine is usually used at the beginning of a glass tempering process, an insulating glass production lines or a sorting solution.

Processing heads

The Arrissing Machine Art. EG is equipped with two synchronised operating heads, for an unbeatable cycle time. This configuration increases productivity
significantly by working simultaneously on two panes or on one very large pane.

Suction cups

During the arrissing phase, the glass sheet are moved and held by the twin suction cup carriage, which positions itself automatically on the basis of the size of the piece to be processed.

Glass holding

The operating heads are equipped with a patented glass holding system. The feature consists of two self-adjusting contrast wheels: a perfect hold and the centering with the tools, also when the pane is not perfectly flat.


An exclusive patented feeler checks the edge of the pane during processing, thereby “guiding” the grinding wheel.


A series of sensors measures the height, length and thickness of the pane, enabling the self-learning mode processing, entirely automatic.

Diamond wheels

The Art. EG arrissing machine uses a cone tooled with peripheral V-shaped diamond grinding wheels on both operating heads.
The diameter of the wheels is 200 mm, and they can process panes from 3 mm to 21 mm thick.