Vertical Arrising Machine

Art. EG

The Art. EG automatic vertical arrissing (seaming) machine stands out in the market due to its highspeed capacity, accuracy and reliability. The operation is simple to manage as the system processes variable glass pieces removing all micro cracks from the entire peripheral edge. The Art. EG can be utilised at the start of an insulated glass production line, glass tempering line or integrated within a glass sorting solution.

Processing heads

The Arrissing Machine Art. EG is equipped with two operating heads, working in tandem to achieve unbeatable cycle times. This configuration increases output significantly by working flexibly between one or two panes simultaneously.

Suction cups

To improve output and stability the glass piece is moved via independently controlled suction cups, which positions themselves automatically based on the size of the item being processed. This innovative twin carriage design allows for the glass piece to be transferred between the operating heads without interruption.

Enhanced Stability

Both operating heads are equipped with a patented fastening system, designed to hold the glass piece still at the point of application. This feature consists of two opposing self-adjusting wheels that position the glass centrally to the tools whilst removing and vibration or deflection. This system is especially useful when the glass pane is not perfectly flat.


A patented system that constantly maps the edge of the glass during the arrissing process, the forward feeler instantaneously communicates position to the following heads, guiding them into the correct position.


A series of sensors measure the height, length and thickness of the individual pane, enabling the machine to process variable glass pieces without any parameter.

Diamond wheels

The Art. EG arrissing machine is supplied with two spindles that are used to mount the V-shaped diamond wheels onto both operating heads.
The wheel diameter is 200 mm, and they can process panes from 3 mm to 21 mm thick.