Vertical Edging Machine

Art. EM

The Art. EM edging machine, one of the most highly appreciated items if the Forel range, is designed for the edge processing of monolithic and laminated panes arrissing (seaming), grinding, polishing.
The Art. EM edging machine can be used in a vertical processing line, but also at the start of an insulating glass line, to feed a tempering furnace, as part of an integrated sorting system, or even as a stand-alone machine.
Thanks to the different technological measures adopted, Art. EM guarantees total stability and high processing speeds during the various processes.

The concept

The Edging machine Art. EM stands out for the synchronous-vertical movement of the operating head, combined with the horizontal movement of the pane of glass.

Suction cups

On Art. EM, the pane of glass is held by a special suction cup carriage that can handle up to 200 kg per linear metre.
At the end of every work cycle, a drying system cleans and dries the suction cup.

Glass holding

The operating head is equipped with a patented glass holding system. The feature consists of two self-adjusting contrast wheels: a perfect hold and the centring in relation to the tools, also when the pane is not perfectly flat.


An exclusive patented feeler checks the edge of the pane during processing, thereby “guiding” the grinding wheel.


A series of sensors measures the height, length and thickness of the pane, enabling the self-learning mode processing, entirely automatic.


The Art. EM edging machine is designed to manage large workloads, guaranteeing optimum productivity.
To keep the wear on the tool under control, the true diameter of the grinding wheel is regularly measured by a special feeler.