Drilling and Milling Machine

Art. DM

Enhanced with specific measures to guarantee precision and stability, the Art. DM vertical drilling and milling machine is an outstanding resource for glass processing.
To offer the best quality, Art. DM has been enriched with specific features to ensure maximum stability during the processing.

Operating Heads

The Art. DM drilling and milling machine is equipped with
two independent and opposing operating heads. Both
use an automatic tool change system, with 6 (rear) + 8 places (front).

Suction Cups

Art. DM is equipped with two exclusive suction cup systems (both patented).
The first set of fixed suction cups offers a firm grip on the pane at the sides of the processing area.

Second Set

A second set of smaller suction cups provides greater stability close to the tools. These can be positioned in
different ways to suit the operator’s needs.


In addition, the operating head can be contrasted if necessary with a buffer: in this way, the tool that is drilling the pane has a counterpiece on the other side, so the applied pressure is perfectly targeted.


Art. DM has been equipped with a specially developed CAD-CAM software for the acquisition and modification of the glass pane drawing and the creation of the tool path, to optimise settings and processing times.

Additional cups

An additional system of suction cups can be attached directly to the rear spindle, to ensure greater stability during processing. The rear suction cup group can retain and accompany the larger scraps to the collection tank.