High Tech Line

The Forel “High Tech” IGU Line has been developed for manufacturers who require superior performance productivity and flexibility.


4.000 x 2.000 mm
4.000 x 2.500 mm
5.000 x 2.800 mm
6.000 x 3.300 mm


100 mm


400 kg


Line Server
Pane Curvature Management
Stepped units
Rigid/Flexible/Thermoplastic Spacer
Double/Triple/Quadruple Glazing
Argon/Krypton/Both Gas Filling
Up to 3 Sealing Products
Continous Sealing
Automatic Dosing Unit Change

Art. AT HT

“T-Shape” Flexible spacer applicator

The Art. AT HT developed specifically for the accurate and seamless application of “T-Shape” flexible spacer. The flexible profile is stored on up to 4 reels within a hermetically controlled cabinet situated next to the applicator. The Art. AT HT is available in 4 models, to process IG units of up 6,000 x 3,300 mm. Art. AT automatically removes the protective film from the edges of the profile and infills the “T-Shaped” spacer with the measured amount of butyl pre glass application, in a non-stop extrusion system.
The profile buffer (patented) allows for continuous application of the spacer to the glass pane enhancing quality and overall output. Art. AT HT can process rectangular glass pieces automatically and shaped glass from file. Once the application process is completed, the final corner is closed by a Corner Tape applicator.

Art. BS HT

Buffer Station

The Buffer Station is a solution developed to improve the performance of “High Tech” Insulating Glass line with thermoplastic applicator. The Buffer Station, indeed, can temporarily hold the panes which the thermoplastic spacer has been applied to. This period of “rest” allows the thermoplastic spacer to stabilize for better mechanical sealing during the unit pressing phase. The machine has 10 slots, each of which can hold up to 4 panes that could make up the same insulating glass unit (depending obviously on the length). Once the set cooling time has elapsed, the panes exit in the correct order for the composition of the insulating glass unit, starting from the panes with the longest elapsed time.

Art. AP HT

Flat Coupling Press With Gas Filling

The Art. AP HT coupling press with gas filling, performs the coupling and pressing of insulating glass units quickly with absolute precision, managing rigid, flexible and thermoplastic spacers (with a special option in the case of thermoplastic product). It can fill one or more chambers with different types of gas, even if the unit is offset. Sensors detect the thickness of the pane, the thickness of the frame and butyl and the dimensions of the sheet, to calculate the volume of the chamber and the amount of gas required. Art. AP HT can also be equipped with a double circuit for the emission of a secondary gas (argon/krypton).


Pane Curvature Management
Stepped units
Rigid/Flexible/Thermoplastic Spacer
Argon/Krypton/Mixed Gas Filling

Art. AS HT

Flexible Spacer Applicator

The automatic flexible spacer applicator Art. AS HT offers the perfect application of flexible spacer to the glass piece. The machine can be installed as an alternative or in addition, to the traditional processing of IGU with rigid box spacer frames. This four-axis machine is available in 4 versions and can process IG units up to 6,000 x 3,300 mm. This module is also equipped with electronic and mechanical controls that ensure the perfect alignment and application of the product used.


Glass Unloader

The glass unloader Art. GU meets the need for automation, delivering enhanced control and safety to manufactures. The automatic unloader is compatible with all types of IG unit (with rigid, plastic or thermoplastic spacer) and allows for the unloading of completed products automatically. The offloading head is equipped with suction cups and mobile supports to provide stability and full support of the unit, including triple glazed. A patented feeler system ensures that every unit is correctly stacked in front of the previous one.

Art. IS HT

Inspection station

Art. IS HT is an inspection station developed to fit the various requirements of the manufacturer. Available in different models of up to 6,000 x 3,300 mm, Art. IS HT is a highly customizable model for the efficient and easy visual check to all glass pieces by the operator. In standard configuration, the station is equipped with an internal matt black inspection room, to inspect the rear side of the glass, and with mobile support bars fitted with an LED lighting system. As optional, it is possible to enrich the station with rear LED lights with adjustable brightness and with an IGU Line access door to minimise the distance to reach the back of the line for the internal room.

Art. CR HT

Low-e Coating Removal Machine

Forel developed the coating removal machine Art. CR to precisely remove the coated surface from the glass edge, this allows for the correct application of the spacer frame and the perfect sealing of the unit. The coating removal machine Art. CR is equipped with 2 operating heads with peripheral abrasive grinding wheels: the heads work simultaneously, significantly reducing production cycle times. In the “High Tech” version, the Art. CR is available in four models, to process glass sheets of up to 6.000 x 3.300 mm. The coating removal machine Art. CR can process rectangular sheets automatically and shaped glasses from file. Art. CR is equipped with a dust extraction system and a specific tool for the automatic redressing of the abrasive wheel.

Art. FP HT

Quality Check and Frame Positioning Station

The inspection and frame positioning station Art. FP HT is available in four different models with different maximum workable formats of up to 6000 x 3300 mm. During processing, sensors acquire the glass piece dimensions and the mobile bars, equipped with an LED light system, are positioned automatically. The inspection room, with a special matt black structure, allows for the efficient and easy check to the rear side of the glass. The Art. FP HT offers many additional devices: automatic reference bars, adjustable brightness rear LED lights, automatic upper references, IGU line access door to minimise the distance to reach the back of the line, etc.

Art. SR HT

Sealing Robot

The automatic sealing robot Art. SR HT is equipped with exclusive devices to guarantee high quality sealing and superior production capacity. Art. SR HT can process IG units with a weight of up to 400 kg per linear meter and offset units up to a total step of 100 mm. It can also process double, triple or quadruple units, using up to 3 different sealants. The double suction cup drive accelerates the passage of the sealed units, allowing the finished piece to be unloaded without delay to the next piece. To enhance the productivity of the lines output performance, the Art. SR HT can be specified with an automatic system that changes the associated dosing unit. Special features developed by Forel ensures the precision of sealing.

Features & Options

Pane Curvature Management
Stepped units
Rigid/Flexible/Thermoplastic Spacer
Double/Triple/Quadruple Glazing
Up to 3 Sealing Products
Continous Sealing
Automatic Dosing Unit Change

Art. SH HT

Sealing Robot “Hot Melt”

The Art. SH HT is an automatic sealing robot, developed to maximize the production of IG units with “hot melt” single component sealant. The extrusion head is equipped with a depth measuring device, ensuring that the volume of sealant is precisely managed. A volumetric dosing unit ensures that the hot melt material is constantly and correctly extruded. The entire extrusion process is monitored and controlled by easy to use and intuitive software, which manages the thermo-regulated sensors and resistors throughout the system. Precisely managing the temperature of the product and therefore its viscosity is necessary to the performance and quality of this platform.


Thermoplastic Spacer Applicator

The thermoplastic spacer applicator Art. TA has been developed based on two key principles: efficiency and productivity. The operator interface includes all of the most widely used work programs with specific options for thermoplastic products. The product is pumped from its drum to the recirculation units, that work in unison to deliver continuous product extrusion. The benefits of this system configuration are particularly clear when the product drum needs replacing. A temperature monitoring system, with multiple thermostatically controlled sensors are positioned throughout the entire extrusion circuit and ensure the quality of the products extrusion.


BREVETTI+ Decreto Direttoriale del 26/11/2019 – Contributo in conto capitale


Art. AC HT

Turning Conveyor

The Art. AC HT automated corner turning conveyor rotates individual glass sheets or double-glazed units safely and efficiently. This specialised unit optimises factory floor space without increasing overall production time. The conveyor can be installed at various points within the production line layout and joins together machines that cannot be connected in a straight line (usually 90°). The rotation process is fully integrated into the line’s synchronization optimising performance and output. The overall length of the glass sheet can exceed that of the corner conveyor, thanks to Forel’s exclusive and patented handling system.

Art. RC HT

Turning Conveyor

The turning conveyor Art. RC HT can rotate to any angle either clockwise or anticlockwise. Usually, this type of rotating conveyor is utilised by turning the glass piece 180° tilting automatically, for the correct orientation of coated glass within the specified unit. It can be used in-line straight or as a corner conveyor, depending on the floor space available and the user’s requirements. This module can be installed at various points along the production line layout and is fully integrated within the production lines synchronization. The operational process of Art. RC HT has been optimised to remove any interruption to the output performance of the line.

Art. VW HT

Vertical Washing Machine

In the “High Tech” version, the vertical washing machine art. VW is available in four models, up to a maximum size of 6.000 x 3.300 mm. Maximum weight is 200 kg per linear meter with the capacity to process glass 40 mm thick. Art. VW is equipped with 6 brushes (8 as an option) comprised of either 200 or 225 mm in diameter. Standard features such as the glass thickness reading device and automatic low-e detection device, the Art. VW HT can manage the total washing process to ensure the highest standard of glass cleanliness every time. The water system can be heated to 60°C as an option.

Art. PB

Automatic Profile Bender

The Profile Bending Machine Art. PB is a strategic tool for any insulating glass unit producer and one the world’s highest performance solutions for the bending of rigid box spacer. It can easily process all types of bendable spacer bar, perfectly calibrating each single bend with the aid of dedicated software. The important features of this particular machine is the innovative Smart Arm (patented) which accompanies and supports the spacer frame during the process: this feature allows for the processing of large spacer frames avoiding any deformation or micro cracks appearing at the corners.

Art. MB

Manual Butyl Extruder

The Art. MB butyl extruder ensures full compliance with the most stringent standards required for the primary seal. The polyisobutyle (PIB) rubber is extruded through two separate dispensers and then applied via the application nozzles. The utilisation of a measured dozing system guarantees the uniformed distribution of the PIB around the entire perimeter (a special feature unique to Forel). The touch screen unit manages the automatic opening of the nozzles (width adjustment) and the positioning of the pre-extrusion guides, according to the selected spacer width value. The injection capacity (grams of PIB per linear metre) can be set directly. Art. MB can also apply PIB to shaped profile or Georgian bar frames, with the same accuracy and simplicity of operation. Preproduction heating of the product can be pre-set by timer.

Art. DF

Desiccant Filler

The Automatic Desiccant Filler Art. DF completes the Forel spacer bar processing range and can be specified with an option for automatic loading. This standalone platform automatically drills, fills and closes the backside of the spacer bar frame, injecting the prescribed amount of desiccant into the boxed void. The automatic loading of spacer frames can be specified as an additional option allowing the Art. DF to collect, process and then send spacer frames directly to the butyl operation.

Art. CA

Cork Pads Applicator

The Art. CA automatic cork pad applicator further enhances the IG unit production process. This solution is equipped with 4 or 5 application heads, that position automatically according to the height of the individual glass unit. Each movable head is fed from a material reel, which can easily and quickly be replenished. The applicator applies the protection pads to the surface of the unit according to customer requirement. The operator can set the distance between each pad via the intuitive onboard software. This applicator is completely self-learning and requires no operator supervision and is integrated fully to the IGU lines synchronization.

Art. SQ

Quality Control Scanner

The Art. SQ scans for and detects various types of surface defects to the entire glass piece faces in real time. All defects that are detected such as inclusions, fingerprints, scratches etc. are immediately notified to the operator via an alarm and PC display. The operator is quickly directed to the defect which can be prioritised based on classification. All defects detected can be archived for post-production analysis which includes pictures, processing time and corrective action. This quality control station is fully integrated into the IGU lines synchronisation, taking care of any necessary upstream or downstream production control.