The Vertical Cutting Line Art. VC for Laminated Glass was designed specifically to reduce floor space, maximise output and exploit automation. Equipped with two cutting bridges, the line is capable of processing laminated glass configured up to 8 mm glass + 4.56 mm PVB interlayer + 8 mm glass, with a maximum glass sheet size of 6,000mm x 3,300mm. The line can be managed by a single operator. A specially designed rotating arm is situated between both cutting bridges, a patented system that automatically rotates the glass. This movement 90° to the X axis allows either bridge 1 or bridge 2 to cut along the Y axis, Z cuts are also possible utilising the rotating arm.

The vertical cutting line for laminated glass is now available with the new residual glass storage, for “storing” the remainders of the day or the shift so they can subsequently be called up again for the cutting of new formats.
All entirely automatic.