Best Tech Awards: Forel Triumphs at VITRUM 2023


On January 17th, the prestigious Best Tech Awards ceremony for VITRUM 2023 took place in Milan, an international recognition dedicated to companies that have presented the most innovative technologies in the glass processing machinery and accessories sector throughout the year.

Guided by Nicola Lattuada, Delegate Councillor and Vice President of GIMAV, along with CEO Fabrizio Cattaneo, the event featured various categories such as “Flat Glass Technologies,” “Robots & Automation,” “Software, Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence,” and “Accessories, Components & Other Glass Technologies.” The ceremony was followed by the GIMAV Assembly proceedings.

In this context, FOREL had the honor of receiving the Best Tech Award in the “Flat Glass Technologies” category, collected by Riccardo Vianello, our Vice President and CEO:

“I accept this award with great pride, especially because it recognizes the efforts of our group and simultaneously highlights Italian technology globally. Let’s remember that the glass sector’s technology is largely based in Italy, and therefore, we must use VITRUM as a platform to showcase it. At VITRUM, Forel exhibited 6 out of the 8 patents developed during the year, including the application of thermoplastic profile, which received particular acclaim from the international audience. I believe that by showcasing innovations at exhibitions, we can attract and captivate the international audience, making VITRUM great. Forel’s commitment in this regard will certainly not waver.”

Best tech Awards Vitrum 2023 Forel

The ceremony concluded with a symbolic acknowledgment to VITRUM visitors who contributed to the initiative by voting for the awarded companies. Four testimonials were selected from those who participated in the voting, and they will have the opportunity to experience a Premium Glass Experience during VITRUM 2025.

But that’s not all: in the afternoon, during the extraordinary GIMAV Assembly, associates explored future scenarios to ensure the best development for VITRUM. Fabrizio Cattaneo, GIMAV Director, highlighted the success of the Best Tech Awards, announcing the probable continuation of the initiative in the next edition of VITRUM.