The AP flat plate coupling press efficiently and accurately assembles doubleglazed units. this press opens and closes automatically using dimensional information gathered from the onboard measuring system. the pressing accuracy is such that it can work with rigid, hybrid and flexible spacer systems, assembling them into double/triple/quadruple insulated glazed units of up to a thickness of 100 mm. The machine is a solid structure featuring Forel’s innovative construction reflecting the philosophy and culture for quality build. The precise engineering of the super structure has allowed for a special system to be developed which guarantees extreme accuracy, performance and capacity especially considering weight per linear metre. The machine automatically measures the thickness of the sheets and frames (including butyl), which make up the glazing unit. Glass thickness is measured using a special selfcentering gage that operates irrespective of the position of the glass relative to the conveyor (useful when the glass has flatness errors). The spacer bar alignment station features special inspection lights with 2800 and 3200 high version being fitted with an upper support facility to assist with the correct placement of large frames. The precision of the pressing plane is guaranteed by a 4 point electronically controlled drive system that moves the pressing planes with absolute accuracy, ensuring perfect parallel movement guaranteeing quality pressing. The software is capable of automatically controlling the presses minute movement differentiating between rigid and flexible frames. When working with flexible frames, the software also controls specific compression detail via percentages that are issued by the spacer manufacturer. Throughout the glass coupling process the glass sheets are supported from beneath via a mechanical device ensuring safety and precision when assembling standard, triple and stepped units. The front mobile surface is equipped with a series of suction cups that safely hold the glass. To optimize air consumption the suction cups are divided into different zones parts, which operate automatically according to the length and height of the glaze unit. The two internal pressing plates are covered with a special scratchresistant material with the glass being conveyed on a cushion of air supported by a precision drive belt. An automatic system allows the machine to be opened to 500 mm for inspection and cleaning operations. If the “stepped unit assembly” option is included, the out feed conveyor is equipped with a series of lower support rollers which are automatically positioned according to the glass and frame thickness. This offset support guarantees that the smaller pane of the stepped unit does not slip during transit. The machine is equipped with a self-diagnostic system that identifies faults with codes, descriptions and images with an additional system that allows for remote connection and assistance.