Forel Coupling Press with Gas Filling - No Limits version (Art. APG - NL)

Forel Coupling Press with Gas Filling - No Limits version (Art. APG - NL)

The new video of the Forel Coupling Press with Gas Filling - "No Limits" version -  is online. For successfully process extra Jumbo size, the Coupling Press has been upgraded with many new features to ensure high processing quality. 

For a uniform a filling, the machine has been equipped with an exclusive retractable suction cups system, also on the rear surface, to straighten any possible curvatures of big size laminated and/or tempered glasses.

Coupling Press Suction Cups System

Coupling Press Suction Cups System

The coupling press can process insulating glass units of up to 3 chambers, and it is also equipped with a double circuit for the gas emission: it can therefore use two different products for filling the chambers (argon/krypton). The gas filling system is self-adjusting and can regulate the emission along the glass length, optimizing wastes.

The Art.  APG - NL is also capable of pressing stepped units with up to 1000 mm of horizontal offset and 250 mm of vertical offset, thanks to the continuous bottom support assured by the independent conveyor belts with load capacity of up to 350 kg by linear meter.

The "No Limits" IG Lines range by Forel is the new solution developed for processing insulated panes up to 15 meters of length, following the usual standards of precision and reliability of Forel machinery.

Look at the Art. APG- NL into operation:


The new Forel plant in Fossalta (VE)

The new Forel plant in Fossalta (VE)

3.000 square meters: this is the sizes of the new plant opened by Forel in Italy.  It is the third one, established to answer to the growing number of orders coming from all over the world.

For Forel, brand of machinery for processing flat and insulated glass, is an important goal, consequence of the good answer coming from the market.

In addition to the three productive plants in Italy, the company owns commercial branches in Usa and in Russia, and has a salesforce of 25 partner agencies all over the world.

The new plant is located in Venice area and has been inaugurated at the end of 2018. It will be dedicated to the production of machinery for edge processing (edger machines, drilling and milling machines and washing machines) and of sorting systems (integrated solutions for automatically handling and moving the glass sheets inside the production area).

Forel Headquarters in Roncade (Treviso)

Forel Headquarters in Roncade (Treviso)

At the same time, the Forel Headquarters in Treviso is being enlarged for other 10.000 square meters, to obtain a bigger production area. The site will be focused on the production of machinery for insulating glass, laminating and vertical cutting.

“The opening of our third plant and the enlargement of the headquarter are consequences of a positive trend” explains Fortunato Vianello, Founder and CEO of Forel “The market appreciates our products and orders are worldwide growing. Also in a moment when many companies move abroad their production, our choice is to continue offering our customer a technology invented, developed and manufactured in Italy”.




The next week Forel will attend at VETECO 2018 exhibition in Madrid, Spain.

A benchmark European event for the Window, Façade & Sun Protection Systems sector, VETECO will boast a new area with its own identity, VETECO GLASS, an exhibition area destined for the entire glass industry and value chain.

Forel will displayes the Edging Machine Art. EM, one of its most appreciate solutions: the Art. Em can polishing, grinding and arrissing the glass edge, with precision and reliability (watch the video below).

Come visit us at Pabellon 10, booth A24.


1300 square meters booth area. Over 4000 visitors. 15 machineries on display. 20 live demos a day.

These are the numbers of the Forel success at Glasstec 2018 (23th – 26th October).

During the four exhibition days , visitors had the opportunity to admire the new “No Limits” Insulating Glass Line, capable of processing IG units up to 15 meters length, the Edge Processing Line, for seaming, grinding, polishing, milling and drilling , and the remarkable Vertical Cutting Line for Laminated Glasses.

Due to the wide range of machines which has been displayed during the Glasstec 2018 edition,  the Forel booth has been certainly one of the most complete stands present at this exhibition.   


Forel Booth at GBA 2018

Forel Booth at GBA 2018

The 2018 Glass Build America trade show in Las Vegas September 12-14, will be a special event for Forel. During the trade show, Forel will display products that are new to the American market. Forel’s GlassBuild America booth #3127 will be the “booth of the debuts”.

On the “GlassBuild America Must See List” is Forel’s Sorting System (Art. SS). The Art. SS is the complete solution to optimize the handling and storage of glass within the production line. This will be the first time the Art. SS will be displayed in the USA. Composed by one or more mobile shuttles and multiple storage slots, the Art. SS is equipped with an innovative software for real-time inventory counts, allowing you to locate any glass lite at any time. This machinery significantly increases productivity and efficiency.

The Sorting System by Forel, from the “GlassBuild America Must See" list.

The Sorting System by Forel, from the “GlassBuild America Must See" list.

Another debut is Forel’s Drilling and Milling Machine (Art. DM); this high-tech, 6 axis controlled machine has two opposing electronic spindles to deliver high precision and fast production. The solid construction guarantees extreme accuracy and performance.

The new version of the Seaming Machine (Art. EG) will also be on display. The Art. EG has two operating heads capable of working simultaneously on two different pieces of glass, or can operate both heads onto one square or rectangle piece of glass. Thanks to the “self-learning” mode, the Art. EG can automatically acquires sizes for each piece of square or rectangular piece of glass.

The Seaming Machine Art. EG by Forel

The Seaming Machine Art. EG by Forel

“We are a growing industry leader, one that has proven to be able to successfully serve and retain its current customer base while at the same time obtain new clients,” explains Fortunato Vianello, founder and owner of Forel “This has been possible thanks to the quality of our products, the reliability demonstrated, the investment made in our Service Department and, more generally, the philosophy that has always guided our business: to listen to our customers, to try to identify market trends, and to develop new solutions as a result.”

Forel, established in 1976, produces and exports their high-quality, “Made in Italy” machinery around the world, thanks to its commercial branch in North America and 21 global agencies. Forel North America has two locations, with its headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota and their Canadian office in Toronto, Ontario. Both locations have their own spare parts warehouse and Service Department to assist customers in their needs. 

Forel Booth at GBA 2018

Forel Booth at GBA 2018


Glasstec is an unmissable event for all the players of the glass business. Forel, always working on new and more advanced solutions for flat and insulated glass processing, has been attending Glasstec for more than 40 years. Also this time, will attend the event to meet customers, exchange information with other players and, of course, showcase the best products of its range.

At Forel Booth (Hall 16, Stand A21/A41) visitors will have the possibility to look at a “No Limits” Insulating Glass line, from the new range of IGU lines designed to “go beyond” Jumbo size. To answer to the growing request for larger glasses, the “No Limits” range can process panes up to 15 meters long and 3.30 meters high, with a load capacity per linear meter that reaches 350 kg for the single pane and 600 kg for the assembled panes. To process such large formats, Forel has also developed a number of special applications that allow to better control and manage possible glass bows (even of centimeters) in every step of the insulating process.

The "No Limits" Insulating Glass Line by Forel

The "No Limits" Insulating Glass Line by Forel

The development of the “No Limits” range will also allow to upgrade the “standard” IG lines, for example with the innovative technology to straighten up any glass planarity unevenness in the coupling press, the continuous and dynamic dosing circuit in the sealing robot, the new glass displacement driving system and many other features.

The “No Limits” line showcased at Glasstec will be a 9000m x 3300mm line, composed by washing machine, quality scanner, frame application and inspection station, turning conveyor, gas filling coupling press and sealing robot complete with pumping system.

Besides the “No Limits” IG line, Forel will display a Vertical Cutting Line for Laminated Glass and a Vertical Line for Flat Glass Processing.

The vertical cutting line, equipped with two cutting bridges and an impressive turning section, can process Jumbo size sheets and cut on the three axes, X, Y and Z. Each bridge consists of two opposing engraving carriages and two breaking bars to cut and open the glass sheet along its entire height, the split being supported by a special motorized system. A unique line that continues to distinguish Forel as a world leader in providing the highest quality technology.

Vertical Cutting Line for Laminated Glass (detail)

Vertical Cutting Line for Laminated Glass (detail)

The vertical line for flat glass processing (for seaming, edging, drilling and milling) is composed by an edging machine, a drilling & milling machine and a washing machine. A processing line that the international market appreciates more and more for its productivity and remarkable reliability, as evidenced by the ever increasing success in sales.

Glasstec will be also the opportunity for Forel to anticipate the latest innovations on its systems for handling, storing and sorting glass inside the factories: in fact, in addition to the solutions already developed in this field, other new solutions for the logistics of the finished products will be available soon.

“Coming back to Düsseldorf is always a special emotion, but this year Forel will attend the exhibition with a special enthusiasm. We are glad to announce the new enlargement of our factory: 10.000 square meters of productive area will be added to the actual 20.000 square meters of the existing plants, by the end of 2019” says Fortunato Vianello, Founder and Owner of Forel “The enlargement is an important investment, a decision taken with the awareness that our commitment is rewarding us and will bear fruit. We are a growing company, able to deserve the loyalty of the “old” customers and, at the same time, to keep on convincing many new ones. This is possible thanks to the quality of the product, our reliability, the investments made in our Service Dept. and to our philosophy: listening to the customers, trying to understand market trends, developing new solutions”

Forel Plant - Treviso (Italy)

Forel Plant - Treviso (Italy)


ART. DM (1).jpg

The new video of the Drilling & Milling Machine Art. DM by Forel is online on

The Art. DM is an high-tech, 6 axis controlled machine equipped with two opposing electronic spindles to deliver high precision and fast production. The solid construction guarantees extreme accuracy and performance, and Forel’s patented fixed and mobile suction cup system ensures stability during operation. The tools and glass are kept cool at all times by two water circuits. Art. DM is also equipped with a self-diagnostic system that identifies faults with codes, descriptions and images.

As one of the best products of Forel, Art. DM will be displayed at Glass Build America (14th-16th September, Las Vegas – Nevada, USA) and at Glasstec (23rd-26th October, Dusseldorf, Germany).



Forel will attend at GA18, the annual National Conference organized by the Australian Glass and Glazing Association at Goald Coast (Australia), from 28th to 31st of August.

Come meet us at Overseas Glass Agency booth!


Glass sheet 9.000 x 3.210 mm

Glass sheet 9.000 x 3.210 mm

Over 250 guests from more than 30 Countries all over the World, for a three-day event dedicated to technological innovation in the glass sector, with special focus on the processing of large formats insulating glass units but also relative to the latest developments in the production of laminated glass, edging, drilling & milling, vertical cutting and automation inside the glass factory.

These are the numbers of the FOREL OPEN HOUSE 2018, held in Vallio di Roncade (TV) from 28 to 30 June, an appointment that gave the historical Treviso-based Company the opportunity to welcome many customers to its headquarters, to show the innovations applied to its machinery and discuss market and technological trends of the sector.

This year, the "highlight" of the event was the presentation of a massive line for the production of insulating glass, known as "NO LIMITS" 9000 line, an impressive system capable of producing insulating glass units up to 9 meters in length and 3.30 meters in height, usually manufactured for building façade applications. (The new “No Limits” Range can be configured to process IG panes up to 15 meters of length.)

Forel "No Limits" IG line 9.000

Forel "No Limits" IG line 9.000

"This is a line designed to respond to the growing demand for "large sizes" coming from the glass market" explains Fortunato Vianello, Founder and President of Forel "Despite being an exceptional product, it is born from the same philosophy from which all our machines were born, for more than 40 years now: understanding the customer needs, foreseeing the market trends, developing new solutions accordingly"

All participating entrepreneurs had the opportunity to take a closer look at the innovative solutions of Forel and also see them at work through a number of machinery demonstrations, including the processing of extra-jumbo sheets and the automatic handling and sorting system complete with infeed, buffer and outfeed stations.

Forel Open House 2018

Forel Open House 2018

The event was not limited to machinery showcasing but also offered all guests the opportunity to discuss topics of interest, inspired by the contributions of some first-rate speakers.

In fact, on the Thursday, Giuseppe Vita, Head of the Technical Department from Saint-Gobain Italy and Maureen Tsagouria, Product & Market Manager, Façade Business Unit, from Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe, held the conference “The evolution of glass for architecture", followed by a second conference entitled “Market trends in facades” held by Giacomo Sangalli, Commodity Manager of Permasteelisa Group.

The topic of applications in the building industry was a key-point also during the conference session on Friday, opened by Ennio Mognato, Flat Glass Laboratory Director of the “Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro”, with a speech entitled "Glass in large formats: regulations and issues", and continued with Sandro Casaccio, Sales & Market Development Manager of Kuraray Italy, who spoke about "The world of interlayers in laminated glass".

Forel Open House 2018

Forel Open House 2018


Silcar production plant in Zalau (Romania)

Silcar production plant in Zalau (Romania)

Silcar is a market-leading PVC Window and Door manufacturer, their production and assembly facilities are located in Romania. Silcar historically manufactured and distributed its finished products primarily in the Romanian market but increasingly over the last number of years, it has broadened its scope to a wider range of clients in Europe-hence the creation of Silcar International. Silcar has grown and developed over a period of 26 years and prides itself on customer satisfaction which is reciprocated with multiple repeat orders from satisfied clients from Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland as well as the existing client base in the local market.

SC Lightglass, the Glass production facility of Silcar, has just recently installed an automatic applicator of the spacer profile at its glass facility. Lightglass is the very first company in Romania that has invested in this technology.

The automatic applicator system chosen by Silcar is Forel’s ART. TBB, which feeds a continuous strip of “warm edge” spacer from a reel and applies it directly on one of the two glass sheets, to obtain a closed frame. In the TBB applicator, the butyl extrusion is independent to the spacer application.

The introduction of this new automated system removes the conventional spacer frame processing techniques and improves performance and efficiency of the double & triple glazed units, both in warm edging and argon gas filling.

SC Lightglass is now producing its double and triple glazed glass units with an entire IGU line by Forel consisting of the washing machine ART.VW, the ART.TBB applicator, the coupling flat press unit with gas filling ART. APG and the sealing robot unit ART. SA.


- What are the strengths, in your opinion, of flexible profile? 

We can say that now we have the best quality available in the market place for our residential doors and windows thanks to the new technology of automatic application of the flexible spacer: SUPER SPACER profile. Some of the new technology advantages are:

- A saving of up to 20% on the heating costs of a building.

- Reduces perimeter condensation by 70% compared to the aluminum spacer.

- Great aesthetics: the self-adhesive band of the spacer prevents the penetration of the butyl inside the visible glass panel; this system also eliminates the gap between the glass panels, which is very visible especially for triple glazed units.

- Due to its flexibility, the spacer better absorbs shocks caused by solar heat expansion and contraction.

- Better argon retention due to the continuous application of the spacer and the automatic sealing of the final corner.

Ovidiu Caraba, General Manager of Silcar

Ovidiu Caraba, General Manager of Silcar

- What are the benefits of assembling an IGU in line, thanks to an applicator of flexible spacer? 

I think all of the companies in the Romanian market are realizing that it is becoming increasingly more and more difficult to find good employees to expand our existing business. So, we need to invest in new technologies to reduce the dependency on a finite labor market.

This new line vastly reduces our unit production time and as it is a highly automated process by its very nature it gives us a superior high quality finished unit. This gives us great confidence to know that we are giving to our clients only high quality finished glazed units, which outlast the older glazing techniques.

- SILCAR is the first Romanian company choosing the flexible spacer: what do you think about Romanian market? Will it appreciate this? 

Yes, I think so. Indeed, we are the very first company in Romania which has invested in this new technology. After extensive research of the different automatic spacer systems, we choose the Forel Super Spacer system: it’s a proven and tested system, used all over the world.

We have already started to market and advertise the new spacer system in all the major cities in Transylvania. Our sales partners and also our competitors are very interested in this new technology. We are very confident that will be are able to raise the quality standards in the Romanian market for the thermal-insulating double and triple glazed units.

- What do you think about your Forel IGU line? 

We found the Forel company to be highly open and collaborative in conjunction with the technical assistance they given us on an ongoing basis. Forel is always developing new solutions with their end customers in mind, so that we both achieve the highest quality and performance from their automated production lines. The new Forel line we have purchased will serve not just the Romanian market for us but also the European market which is growing year on year.

Forel IGU line in Silcar plant

Forel IGU line in Silcar plant

- What are the next goals of SC Lightglass?

Our business plan is a long-term one and we are already looking at ways of developing new automated technologically advanced production processes, in order to provide our customers with superior quality products.



Glass South America 2018 will be for FOREL (stand 679) an important opportunity to present to all visitors the latest innovations developed, especially concerning IGU machinery. In this regard, FOREL staff will be glad to illustrate and describe the cutting-edge technologies implemented in:

  • the applicator of flexible spacer (Art. TBB), to further automate and optimize the process;

  • the flat coupling press with automatic gas filling system (Art. APG), designed to guarantee excellent results even with waved glasses, in the glass inspection station, to ensure effective monitoring of production;

  • the high productivity sealing robot (Art. SRHP), to obtain a high quality insulating glass unit in a quick time.

All these technologies allow FOREL lines to offer a very reliable performance also in the production of triple and stepped units and make them ideal for the production of insulating glass for industrial refrigeration, besides the established standard applications in the residential and commercial sectors and naval sector.

Moreover, FOREL staff will be at full disposal to provide more information on the other products of the range, which include vertical machinery for edge processing and CNC drilling and milling, vertical cutting lines (Art. VC02) for laminated glass (equipped with automatic loading arm, two independent cutting bridges and rotating element) and Sorting Systems (Art. SS) for the automatic handling, reordering and monitoring of the glass panes inside the factory.



Warm Edge insulating properties, which bring important economical savings, are the reasons for the growing success of this kind of profile. As glassworkers know, the bending of plastic profile is an extremely delicate operation which requires precision and attention.

FOREL developed and upgraded its Automatic Profile Bender (ART. PBA632) to cater to different needs and typologies of material. The Profile Bender can now support the profile during the processing, thanks to the special Smart Arm (an exclusive FOREL patent). The arm works to avoid the risk of breaks or deformations when working with larger sizes. This solution offers high productivity, quality and no risks of damage to the material.

PBA 4.jpg

Specific improvements have been developed to obtain a better bending process which offers two different results:

•          The classical internal fold;

•          An internal fold of 90°, visually identical to the “corner keys” (but without thermal dispersion in the corner) or to the welding junction (but with faster production).

The calibration of the bending is managed by a software, which ensures a complete control and precision of the angle.