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With exhibition space topping 1,000 sq metres, Forel weighs in as a heavy-weight contender at this year’s Vitrum. And size, in this case, is important. The IGU and glass processing machinery manufacturer is attending this year’s expo with a new and expanded offer, one geared towards automation, efficiency and high volume - but also the processing of glass at increasingly gargantuan scales. This scaling-up of product is being driven by demand from the architectural sector.  Architects are now switched on to an ever-wider range of architectural applications of glass from over-sized IGUs to walk-on floors, something which in turn has driven end-user demand. The net effect is that ‘bigger is better’ and that means automation. The offer from Forel gives processors this capacity.  From cutting, arrissing and edge work, to IGUs it also automates that process but also gives glass processors and IGU manufacturers the capacity to handle very large sheets and to manufacture very large units.

One of the other real advantages about the Forel IGU Line is that it will not only allow you to produce jumbo units but you can also step those units on all four sides, a key requirement in curtain walling. It’s not an easy thing to do and a very impressive feature and credential of this machine. A second fully operational line features the Forel Art. EM Vertical Edger; Art DM Vertical drilling machine and Art VW Vertical Washing Machining.

The EM Edging Machine is optimized for processing float and laminated glass, delivering high levels of flexibility. This includes edge arrissing, graded edge grinding and edge polishing. Able to square glass to final dimensions, it can also be used across IGU, tempering and grinding lines. The operating head is built around a 200mm diameter grinding wheel powered by a 9.2 kW spindle with a rotation speed of 4,500 rpm to deliver rapid and efficient removal of material, while also delivering high levels of accuracy and low wastage. This is achieved using a patented glass detection system, which guarantees high precision contact between the glass and grinding wheel. It also employs a high-performance carriage, which holds the glass rigidly in place using an array of suction cups.  These have the capacity to hold weights of up to 200kg/m, minimizing deflection -  again, making the EM Edging Machine ideal for handling large sheets. 200 kilos per metre is a huge amount of weight.

Processing to within minute tolerances without any deflection gives you a sense of the high end build quality of this machine This technology is also employed on one of the latest developments in the Forel range, the EG Arrissing Machine, a high speed double head system of high reliability that will be showcased at Vitrum. This same design philosophy sits behind the six-axis ART DM Drilling and Milling Machine, which features two opposing electronic spindles and automatic tool change, guaranteeing high precision and rapid drilling. In common with the Art. EM Vertical Edger, it can handle rectangular or shaped glass, at the same impressive weight loadings.