The 2016 edition of Glasstec confirmed once again the great success of FOREL within the glass processing industry. Many visitors were present at the stand – the biggest ever for the company – to look closely at the latest technology and cutting edge solutions of the Italian brand. 

In Dusseldorf, the Italian company presented some innovations as well as established products like the Vertical Edging Machine  - Art. EM (Best Seller 2015-2016)

FOREL’s exhibit a this year’s show indicative of this focus. Having come “into its own” with the increased use of laminated glass, particularly in the commercial but also in the residential sectors, the Forel Vertical Laminate Cutting line, attracted significant interest from european glassworks but not only . This revolutionary innovation was first launched by Forel 20 years ago, turning the horizontal cutting process into the vertical, the principle behind the philosophy delivers machinery reduced footprint, increased productivity and performance whilst reducing manpower equivalents and handling. The other main benefit of the vertical cutting line is to reduce breakages thanks to the reduced tension of the applied load on the glass sheet. 

FOREL has introduced the new Gas Fill Analyzer to its IGU line process (world premiere 2016), a revolutionary new technology offering completely automatic in-line monitoring and checking of the gas fill concentrations, in assembled insulating glass units. This revolutionary development released by FOREL R&D can be installed on the conveyor directly after the gas press, offering immediate reporting of the actual gas fill percentage achieved. The speed of this automatic scanning system allows inspection and reporting without affecting the cycle time of the line.

Also on display a new upgraded version of the Profile Bender with “Smart Arm” by adding a new option for bending plastic spacer bars. This upgrade has been carried out in response to the growing market demand to process with precision and quality this new generation of profiles of high energy efficiency performance. In the working process cycle, the profile is heated, bent and then cooled on the basis of a number of parameters optimized according to the type and thickness of the product used

One of the major innovations for FOREL at this Glasstec 2016 event is represented by the Sorting System (art.SS) developed for automatic feeding of the IGU lines or other process lines. Art. SS is a comprehensive and automated solution for the internal logistic of the glasswork. It allows the automatic or semi- automatic offloading of glass from the cutting zone, transport and storing with the possibility to transit through an arrissing line, cleaning and quality control. The system basically consist of handling and storing modules that can be combined together to better meet customer needs

The tradeshow provided important feedback about the philosophy of separating the edging and the drilling/milling processes in the same line has been extremely successful. Particularly, as the Art.DM drilling/milling machine is presented with “finished” glass panels with fully processed edges from the Art. EM edging machine, it is able to guarantee extremely precise references and measurements. This precision has been highly appreciated by those glass processors requiring high repeatability and tolerance in, for example, tempered laminated glass production

The company arrived at the event after celebrating its 40 years of activities a its company headquarters in Vallio di Roncade (Treviso), North East of Italy. These of FOREL have been 40 years of longevity which have been characterized by a constant search for innovation, reliability and quality allowing the company to continue to expand and to respond more efficiently to the needs of its customers.

Forel always thinks, designs, develops and tests its automations within its Italian Headquarters. There is no outsourcing in other Countries or fragmentation of know-how caused by a flow in information split across different production sites. This centralized knowledge and the complete control on the technology is a guarantee for all the after-sales service, from any upgrade to every customer inquiry solution

The Italian company is approaching the end of the year with a renewed awareness and the will to continue to deliver the most innovative machineries and the best solutions for its clients