“I think the most credible recognition of our professionalism comes from other glass manufacturers: today we receive calls for advice even from companies that entered the market before us.”

Massimo Belleri simply tells the story of Vetreria 2M, but it’s clear there has been a lot of work behind his words. In fact, a lifetime of work. A commitment that has led Vetreria 2M, founded in Brescia by Mauro Tanfoglio and Massimo Belleri in 1988, to become a dynamic but well-structured firm. A factory of more than 7,000 square meters with an assortment of mixed production, including both residential and large size commercial insulating glass as well as glass for interior design. A company that continues to grow and has concrete goals for expansion.

“Mauro and I were colleagues before we became partners,” Belleri continues, “At the end of the 80s we opened our business, with an enterprising approach: our goal was to specialize, to succeed where others had difficulties, to convince customers not with a discount but with greater expertise. Basically, we wanted to seize all the opportunities that other glassworks were unwilling or unable to deal with.”

A company with a lively and proactive approach to the market, Vetreria 2M chose Forel from the start, with the purchase of its first line for insulating glass. A red thread that runs through 30 years, up to the recent installation of a High Tech insulating glass line, currently in operation. This is a plant capable of processing panels up to the Jumbo 6000×3300 format, double, triple or even quadruple insulating glass, shaped and stepped units of up to 100 mm: a solution that offers considerable flexibility to glassworks that, like Vetreria 2M, work on very different orders and must always be able to guarantee a quality product.

“We have grown while keeping a broad view,” Belleri continues, “following both the small private and large project orders. In recent years we have specialized in supplying other glass manufacturers, in fact, we recognized that companies in our sector don’t invest much in new equipment and technology. So, we decided to ignore this trend and we purchased new equipment with capability to offer products that others could not process. Today as a result, many other glassworks ask us to cooperate, our clientele consists of individuals as well as companies that need our expertise and support for special projects. These include several construction companies, to whom we supply finished product.”

In addition to the founders, the Board of Vetreria 2M also includes Kevin Tanfoglio, Mauro’s son. Like many second-generation entrepreneurs he “grew up in business”, but before joining, Kevin had many different experiences both in Italy and abroad. Experiences that enriched him personally and professionally.

“The Forel “High Tech” line fits in logically with our development plan,” explains Kevin Tanfoglio “It is a versatile tool: that allows us to produce common formats and types of insulating glass, but at the same time it allows us to process large pieces with various thicknesses or process automatically stepped units in-line. However, before choosing this machine, we chose the supplier. I am convinced, that to really get to know a company you need to “hang out” with it: walk where it designs, manufactures and tests its machinery. We have known the brand for many years, but a couple of years ago we had the opportunity to visit the Forel plant in Treviso: walking through the departments and meeting the teams, we understood that there are many similarities, visions and common thoughts…out of the ordinary. Forel is a growing company, renowned in the market for providing high technological solutions. We chose the Forel line because it allows us to reach a specialized niche in the insulating glass market, so we can offer solutions in those contexts where other glaziers find problems”.

In the current economic climate, two realities are emerging internationally. On the one hand, the need to reduce and protect the environmental impact wherever possible and on the other, it has become apparent, that geopolitical changes can impact heavily the cost of energy and raw materials. From these general observations, we asked Kevin what the future of the Italian glass market might look like.

“All over the world, glass is becoming part of a wide-ranging process” comments Kevin “The need to reduce energy consumption is on all agendas, but in Italy and Europe most buildings are now obsolete in energy saving performance. Upgrades will be necessary in the immediate too long term future, and glass will inevitably play a big part in this process. We all know that the performance of IGU’s today is significantly higher than the glass produced 20 years ago and that, in many cases, changing old windows and doors with new has a significant impact on the thermal and energy performance of a building. For this reason, quality insulating glass will play a crucial role in the future. Companies that, like Vetreria 2M, have already equipped themselves with state-of-the-art solutions will obviously be at the forefront in the next phase.”

An enterprising and established reality, but one that never stops looking forward. In fact, the installation of new processing equipment has already been scheduled: in the coming months, two new Forel solutions will be added to Vetreria 2M’s plant. To enhance edge processing, the company has purchased an Art. EM vertical grinding machine in Jumbo size format, capable of arrissing, grinding and flat edge polishing. In addition, a new Art. SS Sorting System will go into operation during the same period, bringing clear gains in productivity, order control, flexibility and safety.