FOREL is an Italian company, world leader in the production of industrial automation for processing insulating glass units and flat glass. Established in 1976 by Fortunato Vianello, the company has three production facilities in Treviso and Venice areas, together covering a total surface of 30,000 square metres. Together with the company, the sales force is now worldwide present on the 5 continents and has developed sales relations with over 60 countries, exporting the technological tradition and dynamism of Italian engineering. This industry success, with a leadership position, has resulted in an exponential growth of turnover, which in turn has sustained strong investments in Research and Development, always a primary concern for FOREL, to the extent that the company is called “supplier of competitiveness” because of its ability to present strongly innovative projects, thereby preceding market trends.



FOREL S.p.A.  is a company intent on constantly upgrading all its business activities. This continuous-growth objective is pursued in accordance with a series of values, identifiable in a way of being, in a way of behaviour and in the way business relations are carried on. The achievement of these values enables us to find the favour of our stakeholders, who thus benefit from our passion for the flat glass working world and from our positive attitude towards the global management of business projects.

1. Our company is orientated towards satisfying customer requests
2. We develop automations and technologies for flat glass processing
3. We pursue quality excellence
4. Our priority goal is innovation
5. Changes always represent positive opportunities
6. Our company is successful thanks to the people who work with us
7. We are committed to creating a safe and comfortable work environment
8. We are actively involved in Sustainable Development
9. We communicate in an open and transparent way
10. We support the tradition of a family firm open to the global market



FOREL’s growth, from 1976 to the present, has been strongly supported by two lines of development: 

1. Technological innovation, which has conveyed and positioned the company in the highest market segment and made it a standard-setting leader.

2. The completeness of the product range for the work phases within the insulating glass unit specialisation area, one of the flat glass market segments.

These are the “technical” factors behind the company’s market success, naturally in addition to other values such as, for example, human beings, who further enhance FOREL's assets. But technological innovation and a broad range of products both lead to systems that are increasingly more independent of human labour and distinguished by growing modularity, and so sights are set on achieving utmost AUTOMATION. In view as well of a customer demand for extensive personalisation of solutions, it becomes hard to define a standard product model, the simple machine has evolved through automation.



FOREL mission, meaning the highest goal the company intends pursuing, is customer's satisfaction. And the achivement of this goal is, in one word, innovation. From 1976 innovation is the cornerstone of the company: this type of planning approach requires an extensive use of resources, wherever considerable innovation is required. 

The mission has various levels of realisation:

1. At single machining operation
2. At the single machines making up the in-line system
3. At complete process
4. At complete glass production management 



According to Edward Freeman (who actually coined the term) stakeholders are: “all easily identifiable individuals and groups on whom the survival of a company depends: shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and institutions. In the broader sense however, stakeholder is any easily-identifiable individual who can affect or be affected by organisation activities in terms of products, policies and work processes”.

FOREL involves utmost respect and attention for our interest bearers. The company created a profitable dialogue with its stakeholders regarding the benefits and the impact relating to the use of the produced automations. The commitment is to notify the results achieved, the actions undertaken and the planned industrial decisions in the clearest possible way.



Our vision calls for us to be suppliers of competitiveness, meaning that we place at the disposal of our customers solutions able to ensure better offers for buyers. Choosing FOREL means availing oneself of a superior quality brand, launched into the future of the flat glass industry, that makes ongoing investments in Research and Development. This approach can mean a crucial advantage for our customers. Our vision has become an ideology shared by the company as a whole and is, in our opinion, the road to future growth, together with our customers and the industry in general.