The PBA632 automatic profile bender meets the technical production requirements for all rigid spacer frames, including the new warm-edge technologies. One of the distinguishing features of this bender is that the control software can automatically manage all profile types. This system allows perfect calibration of every single bend. This bender features a revolutionary patented system that clamps onto and supports the profile, especially if it is a larger size. This unique “Smart Arm” system supports the frame during the bending process, preventing frame deformation, especially around the corners, whilst still allowing for high operational bending speeds. The PBA632 bender is highly flexible due to the provision of user-friendly tooling which can be rapidly changed uses a special tooling kit, suitable for all types of profile. The bender features an automatic continuous profile feeding and joining system, based on a belt-driven device which increases productivity. The profile is cut using a special blade produced specifically by Forel. This guarantees a clean and precise cut edge, whilst offering a long service life, even for stainless steel profiles. The PBA632 bender is fed from a 12-position store, allowing optimised profile handling and whilst also managing trimming off-cuts so as to reduce production of waste. Rectangular and shaped machining operations can be performed by setting the shape and dimensions directly onto the on-board editor whilst in the in ‘manual’ mode, or by importing a suitable CAD file. The machine is equipped with a special diagnostic system and a programme for remote connection assistance. The machine can be equipped with a drill for drilling gas filling holes, Georgian bar positioning clips and/or a profile printing/marking device.