Forel Africa

Forel Africa branch has been established to give African glaziers real support and high quality solutions, increasing automation in the glass processing.

The branch

Forel Africa branch is located in Johannesburg (South Africa), as a new point of reference for all african glaziers that are looking for new solutions for automation: strategic tools that will let them take the next step forwards.

Forel in Africa

Some of the countries with the fastest growth rates seen in recent years are in Africa: this is a vast and diverse market. The african glaziers who invested in Forel technology were convinced by the high degree of automation and quality it offers. African glass processers are ready to take the next step forwards, andForel is ready to be by their side during this adventure.

Our Machinery & Equipment


Horizontale VSG-Produktionsanlagen


Vertikale Bearbeitung von Glaskanten und vertikales Bohren und Fräsen

Vertikales Schneiden von Verbundglas & Glaslagerlösungen


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