Forel at Glasstec ’22

Since the 1980s, Forel SpA has proudly and without interruption supported Glasstec Dusseldorf.
In the forty plus years many things may have changed but one thing that’s remained consistent is Forel’s commitment to exhibit their very lates innovation and automation for the flat glass industry.
This is Forel’s notice in the runup to Glasstec 2022 (Dusseldorf, 20-23 September 2022): a milestone event for the glass industry, after the forced hiatus of 2020. In this next edition, given the special significance (2022 is the International Year of Glass), Forel has chosen to confirm its participation in the event with even greater floorspace than before with a fresh new stand design and layout. The aim: is to enhance the visitor experience and confirm itself as one of the event’s ‘must-see displays’, showcasing innovative solutions, next level automation combined with best sellers in insulating glass assembly, integrated logistics and vertical processing.

The insulating glass line with integrated logistics
At Glasstec ’22 the latest addition to the Forel range of automation will be in operation: fully automatic IGU line with thermoplastic spacer. Developed in accordance with Industry 4.0 principles, this line can be managed from a single workstation, delivering high productivity, precision and quality with a highly reduced manpower equivalent.
The line is loaded automatically from the Art. SS Sorting System, Forel’s stock handling and storage system for glass sheet management within production, capable of automating output from production control software and programming. Exhibited for the first time at Glasstec, the Sorting System has clear advantages: illuminating bottlenecks, sequence errors and indecision with clear gains in output, process control, safety and quality.

At the heart of this ‘High Tech’ double glazing line is the new Art. TA Thermoplastic Applicator, designed and developed for ease of use and continuous productivity, extruding and applying the Thermoplastic product perfectly and accurately. The software already contains the most used production programs commonly associated with the various requirements related to this kind of IGU. The user interface is very user-friendly, simple to understand and intuitive to operational demands. The applicators automation is key to high productivity with options to automatically change the profiles thickness, corner radius and viscosity through simple modifications to work parameters, directly from the PC.

The thermoplastic spacer is continuously processed through the system via a tandem pump unit consisting of two precision accumulators that feed the application head. This configuration proves particularly beneficial when it comes to product replenishment allowing nonstop changeover of the drums and any associated loss in production. Due to the characteristics of the thermoplastic spacer, the temperature of the product is monitored and controlled automatically throughout the extrusion process.
The line continues with a series of innovative features to accommodate the specific characteristics of the panels. Among these, Forel has paid particular attention to the Art. AP coupling press developing a dedicated option that allows the module to process both traditional rigid spacer bar and thermoplastic glass production.
The final step of the lines process is usually entrusted to the Art. SR ‘High Tech’ sealing robot, already widely appreciated to produce insulating glass units with either rigid or flexible profiles. However, the process is completed with the new Art. GU automatic unloading system. The finished panel, after being sealed, are managed by a special vertical suction cup table, that gently deposits the units to waiting trolleys to the front side of the production line. This system ensures the precise placement of the next unit to rest on the previous panel, without the risk of damage. Once the first side of the trolley has been fully loaded, it can rotate on itself facilitating the continuance of the unloading process. The Art. GU model to be exhibited at Glasstec features a unique system that allows the safe storage of both rigid profile panels and those produced with thermoplastic spacer.
Forel will also be exhibiting machinery options for the preparation of traditional rigid spacer: the Profile Bender Art. PB, Desiccant Loader Art. DF and the Manual Butyl Applicator Art. MB. The profile bender has been enriched with a series of innovations to bend plastic “warm edge” spacer, so as to offer a perfect 90° corner thanks to its patented Smart Arm technology.

For the first time at Glasstec 2022, the entire Forel range for vertical edge processing will be displayed and demonstrated at the same event.

This industry leading vertical edge processing line consists of the Art. EM Edging Machine, Art. DM Drilling Milling Machine and the Art. VW washing machine, widely regarded as world class will be in operation. This combination of machinery modules can perform a multiple of processing tasks including arrissing, grinding, polishing, milling and drilling completed by final washing to both monolithic and laminated glass sheets. Three in-line machines with independent solutions capable of operating simultaneously on different glass sheets is simply managed from onboard software increasing productivity and quality. The Art. EM and Art. DM modules have a proven worldwide reputation for stability and accuracy both essential in delivering the required result.

The ‘sister line’ known for its high output is the Forel arrissing line, consisting of Art. EG Arrissing Machine and the washing machine Art. VW. Designed specifically for glass processors who need to remove the sharp edges and micro fractures of glass with minimal setup and maximized output. The Art. EG shares the entire patent package of the range, with its two operating heads that guarantee remarkable speed of execution. Thanks to its configuration, the arrissing machine can process two separate sheets simultaneously or one large sheet in a single pass, both highspeed, same precision.
All Forel vertical edge processing machines use standard diamond encrusted grinding tools that guarentee high quality edge work and elongated life cycle.