We’re not using Internet.

We’re living it.

Everything is connected. Also glass machinery.

Everything is connected. Also glass machinery.

We live in a new era of Internet. Once, we used it, sitting in front of a PC. Now, we're living all the potential of technology. Our homes, our cars, our lives are connected and everything is becoming easier to manage, thanks to the "Internet of Things".

The revolution arrived obviously also to the manufacturing activities, with the name of Industry 4.0. After the evolution from craftmanship to automation and robotics , production plants today are not able just to work, but also to "remember" and to "communicate".

Following this philosophy, Forel has developed a new APP to bring the advantages of Industry 4.0 inside its machineries.

It’s not just a software. It’s part of the machinery.

It’s not just “numbers”. It’s knowledge.



FOREL APP allows to manage, analyze and foresee the functioning of the plant and of the glasswork, through a simple but complete interface that collects processing data from machineries and provides them to the User.

So, is possible to:

  • monitor production data in real time.

  • analyze the processes of the single machine, of the line and of the entire glasswork.

  • plan the maintenance and communicate with Forel Service.

A new generation of glass processing machinery is growing. We’re ready. What about you?


For more info about FOREL APP and for see our DEMO, please contact us:

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