Assistance services

Daily service from 6 am to 10 pm (Italian time), wherever you are

The operator will guide you step by step in order to make a diagnosis on line of the equipment and you will be given the best solution or we will organize the intervention of a technical engineer. FOREL Service was expressly conceived for our customers’ needs and we use the most advanced technologies making an interface connection directly on line so that we drive all the operations and the modifications from our headquarters to the operating panel of the machine. The operation is made through a remote connection and it enables to display every moment the working state of the line detecting in real time if there are any anomalies. FOREL Service.. we care about your problem!

Help Desk

FOREL ensures a punctual call service which enables to contact in real time one of our technicians, both for notifying a breakdown and asking explanations or making other requests. The content of each call is reported on a special data base. The recorded information is used in order to have a rapid consultation for each operator, to have a record of the type of problems for each machine, to have a feedback on the quality of our service and to monitor the results of the previous interventions. The information required is given during the phone call or if it is not immediately available, we move on to forward it in record time making all the necessary actions to solve that problem. We are able to support our customers’ requests in good time, no matter where they call us from! We use the speediest couriers to deliver the necessary spare parts minimizing the machine stops.

Remote system control

FOREL is the company following you step by step and never lets you having a breakdown! By using modem connection we can directly intervene on the machine wherever it is installed.  Our technical staff is capable to control remotely from our offices the state of your line. Our engineers will make a Debug on all the parts of your production line to find out the possible problems. Then they update all the software: both PLC and PC, modifying the parameters if necessary. Through this window we can control the correct working of the different PLC (input-output) without touching the electric panel, monitoring the conditions of the machine cycle and checking if the PLC calculations are correct or there are any anomalies. Thanks to FOREL remote control system you could have a virtual technical engineer by your side at the cheapest costs, because we pass through an internet connection without using any telephonic or gps line.

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